Lock and Load for Paintball

Paint Ball Games

There’s nothing like the rush from a paintball flying by, missing you by a mere inch. Paintballing is fierce and full of competition. Besides being quick on your feet and having great aim, you have to constantly read the scene. Why? Because a barrage of paintballs can come from behind any rock or tree.

Paintball is more than running around and shooting your friends with tiny balls of paint. There are several games you can play with paintball gear to make the game even more fun. Here are some of our favorite Paintball Games:

Paintball Team Deathmatch

This elimination-based game is for players to move around with their teammates to outmaneuver their opponents. Great for a few players, it can be team based or every man for himself. You can work alone, but paintballing is most satisfying when you are able to communicate with your teammates and deliver on excellent cooperation to win the game.

Paintball Capture the Flag

What could be more fun than this gym class classic? This is a great option for lot of people playing so you can divide up and cover more ground. The best way to play this game is to coordinate offensive and defensive positions. Figure out who should be placed where for the very best defense. Coordinate with your teammates or go in alone through the trenches to find the best route to the flag. And, when you reach it, run back like there is no tomorrow, because paintballs are flying at you!

Paintball Assassin

Assassin isn’t played with teams. Each person (or assassin) has to fend off the pressure of paintballs coming from all directions. As if that doesn’t sound intense enough, each player randomly chooses a slip of paper with the name of the person they are “hunting.” No one knows who is going after whom. The best way to stay “alive” is to stay aware of all players. The adrenaline rush comes from the constant pressure that someone is coming for you.

Alone or with friends, paintballing is a great pastime that you get better at the more you play. Beginners can feel overwhelmed by everything that goes on in a single match, but the quick pace of the game draws you in and the world starts to change.

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