LifeProof’s Tips and Tricks for World Photography Day

World Photography Day 2014

Today is World Photography Day! 175 years ago today, the art of documenting and preserving memories with photography was patented and shared throughout the world. The first photographs took several minutes to expose and the subjects would have to sit still for the duration of the exposure. Can you imagine?!

Fast forward to photography today, where we have cameras built into phones and tablets, small palm sized digital cameras, and the ability to capture moments as fast as 1/3200 of a second. With LifeProof cases, the possibilities of where you can take photos are almost endless. Underwater, in a dust storm, on the snow fields, in the rain, etc.

Here are a few tips for taking underwater photos on those days at the beach or by the pool. Cannonball contests, underwater selfies and catching that perfect wave can be saved and shared with the push of a button. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your LifeProof case and underwater photography.

Get Up Close

Water reduces sharpness, color saturation and contrast. To avoid this, get up close to who or whatever you’re taking a photo of. The best distance is about 12 inches away to make sure you get a great result.

Always keep the Sun at your back

This tip works well for photography in general, not just underwater. Always take photos with the sun behind you. This makes sure your photos don’t turn out too bright and blown out. This will also prevent glare on the water. Bright, sunny days are the best to shoot underwater. Similarly to losing color, contrast and sharpness, water also dulls the light.

Taking Photos Underwater with the Volume Buttons

Because of the technology built into our phone and tablet screens, water renders the touchscreen inoperable. The easiest way to solve this and still take great underwater photos is to open the camera app before you go underwater and use the volume buttons on your device to take the photo.

On an iPhone or iPad, either volume button will work for snapping photos. It is automatically set up in the phone to do so, so there’s no need to change any settings.

On an Android device, you will need to change your settings. By default on most Android devices, the volume buttons are used to zoom in or out. To change this, open the camera, go to Settings and it gives the option to change the volume buttons to “Camera Key.”

This will make it easier to snap away underwater and capture those fun memories.

Get Creative

Be creative and have fun with your photos. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
– Take photos in the rain.
– Jump in puddles or play with props like an umbrella or bucket of water.
– Get up close to that wave on the beach and show the sea foam as it edges up the beach.
– Have a water balloon fight with friends and capture the moment those balloons explode.
We hope these tips and tricks help you capture some great photos for World Photography Day and flex those creative photography muscles!


Photo Credit: Nathan Raley
Instagram: @nateraley

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