National Ice Cream Day

LifeProof National Ice Cream Day

We’ve been marking off the days on our calendar for this one – it’s National Ice Cream Day! And that means it’s time to celebrate our love for this sweet treat. Head to your favorite ice cream shop and take a look at what offers are going on to celebrate the occasion. Go for your classic flavors, or get a little crazy, just be sure to celebrate in your own way.

Why not use today as an opportunity to bring people together. Have an ice cream party in the backyard, and invite your friends to bring their favorite toppings. Or take the party on the road, head to the beach and enjoy the summer sun as the ice cream cools you off. But don’t let it melt in your hands, we don’t want any to go to waste!

Here at LifeProof, we love ice cream as a treat after outdoor activities. Make sure you have your LifeProof protective case on, just in case your phone falls into your bowl of ice cream!

We’d love to see your photos and find out what your favorite flavors are and how you celebrated today, so come find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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