How to Back Up Your Device: iPhone and Android

How to Back Up Your iPhone and Android

We use our devices daily to record memories, be productive, and keep in touch. To make sure you never lose a photo or important document, here are LifeProof’s tips and tricks for backing up your device.

For iPhones/iPads/iPods:
The easiest way to back up your device is through iCloud. It’s built in and works seamlessly if anything every happens to your device or you upgrade to a newer, shinier one. With iCloud, you can backup your device wirelessly without having to connect to your computer. It also automatically backs up your device when you are connected to Wi-Fi, plugged into a charger, and the device is unlocked.

iCloud will back up your bookmarks, contacts, calendars, documents saved in iCloud using iOS apps and Mac apps, mail messages, notes, and photo streams.

To make sure you’re backing up your files to iCloud, follow these steps on your device:

1. Tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.
2. Turn on iCloud Backup if it’s off.
3. Tap Back Up Now.

If your iCloud Backup is turned on already, you should see your last backup at the bottom of this screen. You can also manage your storage and remove any old devices and their backup data to free space on your iCloud. Note: You must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to start a backup. iCloud will not backup your music.

For Android:
With Android devices, Google syncs everything from contacts to photos. When you set up you Android device, it prompts the user to create or sign in with a Gmail account to integrate everything and sync your information to that account.

In order to make sure your photos get backed up as well, you’ll need to download the Google+ app. If you already have this app downloaded, you can enable Instant Upload through the Settings menu. This will make sure any photos you take get automatically uploaded to your Google+. Note: These photos can remain private and only visible to you in the Settings menu.


Other Ways to Backup

IFTTT – Free, iOS and Android
If iCloud or Google+ isn’t cutting it for you, or you want your photos or contacts to go to a different place, like your Evernote, Flickr, or DropBox accounts, IFTTT is a great app for that. “If This, Then That” lets you create custom recipes that tell your device to do specific tasks. You can also use already created recipes from other users. These recipes include a morning weather notification, automatically uploading photos taken to your Dropbox or Google Drive, or storing contacts in a Google Doc. The possibilities are almost endless with IFTTT, and it’s a great tool for making sure you’re information is backed up and safe.

Dropbox – Free, iOS and Android
Dropbox lets you organize your documents, photos and videos anywhere, and access them from your dropbox on any device connected to the web. The Dropbox app also acts like a backup server for everything you save to it. It’s easy to share photos and documents from the app with friends, coworkers, and family.

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