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Johnson Lab - Scientific Community

At LifeProof, we love to hear about real life stories from our customers on how our cases have helped them do more with what they love. This week, we’re highlighting Isaiah Hoyer and Johnson’s Lab from the University of Colorado, Boulder and how their LifeProof cases help them with their research in the disease ecology scientific community.

“My associates and I are first hand advocates of LifeProof. The iPad Mini LifeProof case makes it possible for us to digitally record data in the field and instantly sync to our home server. Through the University of Colorado, Boulder, we’re conducting aquatic disease ecology in the Bay area (California). We spend our summers traversing through rugged back roads to reach various ponds peppered throughout the Bay area. Traditionally we have collected data with paper and pencil, but papers can get lost, handwriting can be illegible, and entering data eats up valuable time. Whether we’re knee deep in mud swatting mosquitos or hiking in the hot sun the LifeProof case allows us worry-free efficient data recording.

From the disease ecology scientific community, we thank you!

The Johnson Lab: Travis, Nathan, Dina and Isaiah

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