Summer Solstice: Enjoy the Longest Day of Summer!

Fun Things to Do on Summer Soltice

The Summer Solstice is finally here. It’s the longest day of the year and the first official day of Summer. So don’t waste another moment of sunshine, go jam-pack your days with summertime fun. Here are a few activities that will get your heart racing and give you a summer to remember.


Don’t write bikes off as toys for kids, they can bring adventure and fun to all ages. Whether it’s single track or downhill mountain biking, this sport is no joke. Mountain biking is ideal on a nice sunny day, but single track biking really comes alive at night. Find a decent helmet light and you’ll become one with nature in the evening and experience summer in a whole new adrenalin-pumping way.


Some of the best extreme sports happen on a board. If you’re ocean bound, check out surfing or boogie boarding. Not only will you get an incredible workout using muscles you didn’t even know you had, you’ll also find bliss becoming one with the ocean and riding its waves.

If you’re near a bay or a lake, test out water skiing or wakeboarding. If you don’t own a boat or board, you can always rent them[KA1] , and while you’re at it invite all your friends! The more the merrier! It’s worth every penny to feel the rush racing across the water on your skis or board.

If you love snowboarding or any other boarding sport, you have to try sandboarding. Sandboarding is most popular in desert areas or beach towns with sand dunes. Imagine flying down a mountain of hot sand in shorts and a tank top on a board, doing the same tricks and turns as a snowboarder might. It’s epic.

The beauty of skateboarding is that all you need is a board and some concrete. Whether you’re daring with tricks or coastin’ from point A to B — skateboarding has flourished to appeal to a variety of lifestyles. Skateboarding is one of the best examples of how an extreme sport allows you to be adventurous yet creative in motion.

River Sports

There are some exciting ways to enjoy the river this summer that don’t involve a rope tied to a tree. White water rafting caters to a range of intensity that will fit the extreme you’re looking for. If you’re new to rafting, get a guide  to show you the ropes at first. This is a great way to have fun, get wet and get your adrenalin going.

Kayaking and canoeing are other river options that can also vary in intensity. Both will work your upper body and core while giving you the excitement you’re craving.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another excellent workout and can be very extreme when you get out of the rock gym and onto some real rocks. Try finding a rock gym that takes excursions out in nature and join them for an intense climb with some great views. The concentration and drive associated with the sport will give you both a physical and mental workout.

Of course, with extreme sports comes the extreme danger of damage to your devices Enjoy the action this summer and live worry free by protecting your device with a LifeProof case. Once you’re protected, don’t forget to record some awesome footage of your new favorite extreme sport, this way your memories can last you a lifetime.


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