Staycation Summer 2014


Vacations are great, but not always feasible. That’s why there’s a wonderful alternative — the staycation. Staycations allow you have all the perks of a getaway without the hassle of traveling. The key to an effective staycation is to make it as close to the real thing as possible. With these hacks and the right attitude, you’ll be able to relax and explore just as you would any far-away land.

Turn off Electronics

First, be mentally in the zone as you would on any other vacation. Get your pre-vacation pampering done as usual. Turn off your electronics and leave your obligations at the door so you can fully enjoy this experience. Put a few decorations nearby that will take you to your happy place such as tiki torches in the backyard and colorful umbrellas in your drinks. Set the mood throughout your house with a great playlist and ta-da — you’re in paradise.

Play Tourist

Now it’s time to play tourist. If you were visiting your town for the first time what would you do? All towns have a story, and the historical aspect of yours could be a big draw. Check out the local museums and attractions again, or maybe for the first time. Consider things like art and history museums, zoos, sporting events and theme parks.

Head to the Water

Find a body of water. Whether it’s a beach, lake, pool, or the sprinklers in your backyard, splashing around releases your inner kid at heart and brings back memories of your childhood summers.

Eat Fancy

Treat yourself to a five-star gourmet meal — at home. Chances are your busy schedule doesn’t leave much free time for experimenting in the kitchen, but staycations give you all the time in the world. Check out local farmer’s markets for fresh ingredients and make a meal that would make Martha Stewart proud. In the spirit of Summer, try grilling up some tasty gourmet burgers.

Explore a New Hobby

Explore a new hobby. Indulge your fantasy of becoming a yogi, surfer, or artist. There are no excuses not to pursue something new on a staycation, use your free time to fulfill your dreams.

Staycations are for everyone, family included. Don’t forget family bonding time during your break. Host an epic family game night your own way. Whether it be with the all the relatives or inviting close family friends over to compete in some family vs. family games, everyone is guaranteed a good time. For something more low-key, find a family project. It can be a bigger project like planting an outdoor garden or a small craft like decorating mason jars. As long as you’re doing it together, the whole group will love it.

No matter where your adventure takes you this summer, always protect your electronics. Invest in a LifeProof case so you can really relax and enjoy a worry free staycation.

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