Camping Hacks

camping hacks

The weather is great and the livin’ is easy – summer is one of the best times to completely lose yourself in nature and enjoy Mother Earth in her natural state. One way to immerse yourself in the serenity of the outdoors is to take a camping trip. Living so simply while camping can be intimidating to some, but these camping hacks make the transition from your house to your tent a breeze.

Bug Protection

One potential deterrent of camping is becoming lunch for the pests of the great outdoors. To prevent this, bring some sage to burn with your campfire kindling in the evenings. It will keep the mosquitos at bay so you can enjoy s’mores and campfire songs well into the night. Ticks are another unpleasant bug to avoid. To keep them away, combine one part tree oil and two parts water in a spray bottle, then spritz the liquid onto shoes, socks, and the bottom of your pants to avoid attracting these irritants.

Burn Sage to Keep Bugs Away

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Mark Your Trail

Incredible hiking tends to go hand in hand with camping. Exploring trails you’re unfamiliar with or forging your own path can be both exciting and dangerous. Take notes from Hansel and Gretel and invest in some Biodegradable Trail Marking Tape so you can mark your path as you go and ensure you make it back to camp safely.

Biodegradable Trail Marking Tape

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Fire Lighting Tips

You might want to pack some corn chips for your trip, but not just for snacking. Chips like Doritos and Fritos make great kindling to get your campfire started. Also, try storing your matches in a Mason jar and glue sandpaper to the lid. This way you can keep your matches dry and have an easy way to light them in any weather.

Store Matches in Mason Jar when Camping

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Food Storage

Research the area where you’re camping ahead of time to get familiar with the local wildlife. Never leave food in your car if the area is also home to bears. Nothing gets between a bear and its meal, not even your vehicle. Usually campsites provide storage if the wildlife is prone to come by looking for food — use it. Don’t forget to pack instant coffee or make your own by putting coffee grounds in a filter and tying the filter off with floss. Let the homemade instant coffee seep in the hot water as you would tea. For a hearty breakfast, prepare pancake mix ahead of time and store it in empty ketchup bottles. You’ll have homemade pancakes in a snap, perfect fuel for outdoor activities.

Store Pancake Mix in Ketchup Bottle when Camping

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Tie Coffee Filled Filters with Dental Floss when Camping
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The outdoors are exciting and fun for you, but pose potential threats of dirt, water, and shock to your electronics. Always protect your gadgets with LifeProof cases and give yourself one less thing to worry about on your outdoor excursion.

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