Bring your Dog to Work Day

Bring your Dog to Work Day

Take your dog to work day is here! No really, June 20th is national take your dog to work day (TYDTWD). was created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International to celebrate animals and encourage adoptions at local shelters. It’s celebrated the Friday following Father’s day and meant to encourage employers to open up the doors to our four legged friends.

Here are some fun ways you can get involved:

  • Plan a TYDTWD event and get your office involved – If Friday is a bad day to celebrate, set up an event the week prior to the actual day, during Take your pet to work week.

  • Partner with a local shelter – Hold a fundraiser, get information on how to adopt pets or have someone from the local shelter come in and speak to your office and raise awareness.

  • Reach out to professional pet sitters – this is the chance to get involved with professional pet sitters and dog trainers and have them educate you and your fellow employees on proper care of taking care of an animal.

And don’t worry, if your office doesn’t celebrate take your dog to work day you can still be a part of a great cause, just by raising awareness yourself. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to share their events and use the official hashtag #takeyourdog.

Just make sure that you protect your phone if your office does participate in TYDTWD. LifeProof protect your device so you don’t have to worry about it being used as a toy for your dog. After all our LifeProof cases are snow, dirt, water, shock and dog proof!

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