Fun & Healthy – Plant your Gardens during March

Spring/March Gardens

Spring hasn’t quite yet sprung but it’s about to, so there’s no better time to start readying your green thumb for the growing season. Whether you’re a gardening guru or a nursery newbie, to help you better prepare, here are a few of our favorite “easy to grow” plants that you can start nurturing at the start (or even before) the growing season:

Salad Leaves

Arugula, rucola and garden cress grow well outside during the winter months, but, you may not know that they have the most success from March-September living in your kitchen garden. Just provide these greens with full sun exposure and you will have more lettuce than you will know what to do with it.


Tomatoes grow best when sown during March and start these babies right next to your lettuces in your kitchen garden with full sun exposure. At the beginning of summer they should start to flower, just in time for all those summer salads, homemade sauces and BBQ cookouts (seriously, fresh tomatoes on a hamburger are like nothing you’ve ever tasted).


The ideal time to plant strawberries are the winter months, just make sure you don’t plant too early because frost is not your friend. Make sure your strawberry plants are in full sun to achieve the most crop come the summer months of July-September when they produce most of their fruits. The best part about strawberries is that you can plant them in the ground or in hanging pots.


Cantaloupes and watermelons are ideal to plant in March. You should sow them in a pot indoors about 5 weeks before transplanting them outside. Most melons will take on average about 70-90 days before it start yielding its first fruit–just in time for fruit salads perfect for picnics and BBQ get-togethers.


For those of you who would rather be picking flowers than harvesting crops, try planting some of our favorite flowers to add color and fragrance to your garden like roses, lilies, tulips, and daffodils. Just beware that you should only plant your garden outdoors once the major frost has passed otherwise your flowers will be shocked and may not grow at all.

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