LifeProof Story of the Week Winner – Ian McCall #LifeProofStory

LIFEPROOF Story of the Week

At LifeProof, we love to hear about real life stories from our customers on how our phone cases have helped them do more with what they love. This week, we’re highlighting Ian McCall’s story about his LifeProof protected iPhone, “Jump Ship.”

“My #LifeProof protected #iPhone was perfectly fine after ditching my kayak & spending an hour in the Gulf of Mexico.”

I was kayaking with my family in Gulf Shores, Alabama this past summer. While kayaking around the beach and lagoon, I always had my LifeProof-protected iPhone in my pocket. After making calls I put it back in my pocket.

About half an hour later I realized I had forgotten something. I reached to make a call and nothing. My phone was gone. I looked around, panicking, thinking it was gone forever. The depth of the water was anywhere from 3 to 20 feet where I had been adventuring.

I retraced my path as best I could. Suddenly, after getting back to where I had been talking on the phone, I asked some snorkelers if they had seen it. One of them reached into their pocket, handed me my phone and asked, “Are you Ian? Your mom’s been calling you.” What a day!

Story of the week winners receive a free LifeProof phone case of their choice. If you have a great LifeProof story that you’d like to share, please submit it to us for review here.

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