LifeProof Ice Project: Good Luck Mike and Clare!

It’s happening! After flight conditions have put a damper on the departure of the LifeProof Ice Project, Mike O’Shae and Clare O’Leary are finally on their way. The Ice Project is expected to take 60 days to walk to the North Pole and if they succeed on their journey they will be the only people in 4 years to complete the journey, not to mention the ONLY Irish people in history. The pair may be taking this expedition just in time, as they may be the last ones ever able to accomplish this feat. The conditions in the North Pole are making it increasingly harder to travel on foot because of the sudden melting of the ice.

Some interesting facts about their journey:

Distance: 778km

Duration: 60 days approx

Temp: -20C to – 60C

Calories consumed per day: 8,000 to 9,000

Calories burned per day: 6,000 eaten

Effort equivalent: 2 marathons per day

Estimated weight loss: 44lbs

Hours Skiing per day: 12 hours

Chance of meeting other people on the expedition: 0

Success rate for North Pole Expeditions: 30%

North Pole (Full distance): 182 (only 12 women)

Clare and Mike are no strangers to adventure as they have already completed three of their nine expeditions. As they take off on mission 4, It’s a good thing Clare and Mike have their LifeProof protected device so we can keep tracking them on their 60 day journey. Follow their progress and get updates on their current location with the Ice Project.

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