Daylight Savings = More Time for Your Favorite Activities

daylight savings

It’s that time of year again, when we spring forward in time. Sure, we may lose an hour of sleep, but it’s not for nothing: in exchange for a little less shut-eye for one night, the sun now rises and sets later, giving most of us more time to play in the sun when we get off of work. Now all the regular 8am-to-5pm-ers get home from work and are able to enjoy on average, 3-4 hours of sunlight every night. That’s an extra 80 hours of sunlight a month! You know what that means? More time to do what you love outdoors.

For instance, You can go on longer runs & with the sun, comes the heat – so you get to enjoy your longer runs without the gloves and jackets. If running isn’t your thing – taking your bike out and hitting the trails.

Instead of something that you know and love, maybe try something outdoorsy that you haven’t done before with all the extra daylight. If you’re close to water, try paddle boarding. This is for sure a good way to spend the extra few hours of your day as you’ll get in some sun and a great workout at the same time.

Or if you want something less intense, try gardening. Read our blog post on planting your March gardens to help you get started. Not only will you be soaking in the Vitamin D from the sun today, but you’ll enjoy loads of other nutrients once your garden is in bloom this summer.

And, although we lost an hour of sleep, just think of how much we have gained. Before you know it, summer will be here and we will be so thankful to have a few hours left to enjoy the sun when we get home from work. No matter what activity you try–running, biking, paddle boarding, or even gardening, make sure your iPhone or Android is LifeProof protected and you are able to jump on a bike or ride a wave without a worry, because the proof is in the life you live.

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