LifeProof Story of the Week Winner – Francisco Carillo #DieselProof #LifeProofStory

LIFEPROOF Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone Case

At LifeProof, we love to hear about real life stories from our customers on how our phone cases have helped them do more with what they love. This week, we’re highlighting Francisco Carillo’s story about his LifeProof protected Samsung Galaxy S4, #DieselProof.

Repairing heavy machinery is not always fun or easy. All of my phones have become victims of dirt, mud, oil and metal shavings. No matter the phone case, they have all seemed to fail, one way or another.

Answering phone calls is critical for my job. No matter how busy I am or how dirty my hands are, that call might be the next big job for me.

LifeProof has proven itself to me in the field and not just in some office behind some desk. It has kept my Samsung Galaxy S4 clean and free from mud, talc type dirt and diesel fuel. Metal shavings don’t enter the speakers anymore. Its even resisted oil, where most phone cases stretch or distort when coming in contact with it.

But what amazed me the most is what happened the other day. I was in the middle of changing a set of spark plugs when it started raining quite heavily, which was unusual for San Diego. I hurried to hand turn all the spark plugs in their bore to avoid any water getting inside the engine. With the madness of getting wet really early in the day, I forgot I had left my phone next to the old spark plugs on the bumper of my service truck.

As I reached for my torque wrench to tighten all the spark plugs I noticed my phone wasn’t where I usually put it. I leaned over to the rear of my truck and I saw it there, soaking wet with a pool of water on the screen. I wiped it off and I turned the screen on like nothing even happened. I started a music app and left it in the same spot. It kept collecting water on the screen but it kept playing music. My LifeProof Samsung Galaxy S4 phone case is the best tool I’ve ever purchased! Thank you LifeProof Team!

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