New Year’s Resolution: Saving Money Challenge

If one of your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions is to save more money – whether it’s to pay off some bills, go on a little trip, or have a rainy day fund – we have a simple plan to help you reach your goals. This 52 Week Money Challenge will easily get your funds growing over the course of a year.

We’ve seen this 52 Week Money Challenge floating around the internet before, and since it’s a new year this is a perfect time to start it out. The challenge is simple you start out depositing $1, and each week it grows by another dollar. So week 2, you’d deposit $2 and week 4, $4 until you get to the end of the year with a deposit of $52. These may seem like small insignificant amounts, but at the end of the year your lump sum will be $1,378! That’s a great little bonus you have made for yourself, and with no noticeable deductions each week.

Here is a table so you can visualize how it works. So what do you say? Are you going to try the 52 Week Money Challenge?



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