Living Proof Story of the Week: January 6, 2014

Here’s the Living Proof Story of the Week:

“I went to International Eelpout Festival 2013 in Walker, Minnesota. To truly understand the insanity that is Poutfest, one must tap deep into their imagination and forget everything you have learned in science class. Imagine a lake, not just any lake but Leech Lake- one of the biggest lakes in the Land of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota. Imagine it frozen, 2 feet of solid ice cover the lake. Ice is so thick that 10,000 people, atvs, snow mobiles, RV’s and bars (yes, people build huge bars on the lake for this festival) are able to celebrate on this lake for the entire weekend. It is a party unlike any other, and a party of this magnitude is the perfect spot to have a LifeProof case.

I was lucky enough to have one of these case when I ventured out on a -5 degree night at Pout Fest. Adminst the chaos, I kept taking my phone in and out of my pocket to try and capture some of these epic moments with my camera phone. One of the times I tried putting my phone back into one of the deep pockets in my insulated snow pants and it did not quite make it in my pocket. It actually fell out into a snowbank on the side of one of the man-made ice roads my buddies and I were walking on.

The phone sat out all night in the cold and the snow, only to be found the next morning by some snowmobilers who were driving off the lake. They were nice enough to take the phone with them to their RV on the ice, plug it in to charge up the battery and call me. Long story short, if you are coming to Eelpout Fest 2014, bring a LifeProof case and some warm clothes!” – Brandon Eddy

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