How to get a Custom LifeProof case

How to get a Custom LifeProof case

It’s not a black or white world — dress your iPhone accordingly.

Whether you want to match your favorite team or love a pink and green combination, we encourage you to create a custom LifeProof case! You can now color your iPhone 4/4S with fashionable shades like teal, pink, or purple in the front and more Duck Dynasty nature-inspired hues in the back like olive drab green or dark flat earth. Just be careful, a phone that’s invisible to wildlife can be hard to find.

To get a mixed colored iPhone 4/4S case, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the Customize LifeProof category and select your front case assembly color
  2. Then select your back case assembly color
  3. After you receive your case, follow these instructions to properly water test and install your iPhone
  4. Enjoy your custom LifeProof case!

Like all LifeProof cases, custom iPhone cases are waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shockproof. And, they come in the same slim, sleek all-protective package that lets you use your iPhone everywhere, everyday for everything — without worry.

Note: Currently only available for LifeProof iPhone 4/4S case. If you don’t have an iPhone 4/4S, trying customizing your LifeProof case with a Skinit Skin.

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  • Scott Mcdonald

    Anytime frame on Samsung galaxy note 3 case?

  • jami

    Have you got a time frame on the Galaxy tab 3 8Inch case?, i have two other life proof cases and am very interested for my holiday coming up

  • yolis

    Note 3 cases would be nice, please

  • Efren Martinez

    Lg g flex case anytime soon?

    • David Montgomery

      Yea I would love a lg g flex life proof case

      • kyle

        Me too wth come on guys get with it us 700 dollar phones would like a water proof case and shit

  • cirah

    HTC one case would be nice!

  • Shyanne

    Is there going to be a nexus 5 lifeproof?

  • Saul Moreno

    How about a case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Do not leave it out like you did with the Note 3.

  • Stephen

    Note 4?

  • demetrius

    Are you guys ever going to make a case for the note 4

    • Leonel

      I want cases for note4 please

  • Soulless Carnage

    Is there going to be a case for the galaxy note 4 soon

  • jdavis

    Will life proof ever make a case for Samsung Galaxy Mega?

    • erik

      Damn for like a year I have been waiting for a lifeproof case for Galaxy mega 6.3. WTF? This is a 600 dollar phone. I have replaced the phone through insurance claims 3 times. Come on fellas. WTF??

  • Solo White

    When is the IPhone 6 Plus case going to hit the market. I switched from Samsung to Apple because I couldn’t find decent cases. Had the case for the 4 loved it cmon hurry up before I break it!!!!

  • Sara

    Will there be a Samsung Galaxy S 5 active case coming out

  • Breanna

    When are u gonna make a pink camo case for iPhone 6 and 6 plus

  • William

    Lg g flex how about a case?

  • Elizabeth Scheirman

    when will you have the iphone 6 plus fre case available?

  • allyiou

    I want the lg G2 case. I love my lg and I dont want to get a new one.just to get a waterproof case

  • Saivon Bivens

    LG G Stylo Case?

  • Humberto Cruz Jr.

    lg g vista?
    Id love to see that!!

  • Natsume Asako

    Note 4

  • KELApangie herr

    will there be any lifeproof cases for LG G Stylo, please i really need one because i just purchase one yesterday and wouldnt want it to b dropped inside the toilet by my bby niece like the note 4 soo make some for g stylo too…

  • irrihs bryant

    Can yall make a lifeproof Case for lg g stlyo

    • Amanda Mientkiewicz


  • jordan cole


  • Jarrod Gordon

    Samsung s6 edge please

  • Neil Patel


  • Joshua Santos

    what about the lg v10?

    • Kyle Cross

      +1 x100000

      The LG V10 is in desperate need of a LifeProof case with extended battery, and in high demand. It’s one of the most well built and solid feeling phones I’ve ever used, but it needs a little more depth for grip. Sure it’s beautiful, and there are plenty of cases already out to showcase the beauty of the V10, but there isn’t a single extended battery case and VERY few well known manufacturers even making all-around protection cases.

      Make it and they will come.

      Sent from my LG V10

  • Sabrina

    Can you make one for a lg stylo

  • Musicengine

    lg v10?

  • valentin saavedra

    Lg v10 lifeproof case would be really nice to have !!!

  • Dennis

    Please release a case for LG V10. I’m am a big lifeproof fan and would love to see one.