Do you live a nüüd or frē lifestyle?


Life’s full of complex decisions—Cap’n Crunch or Cheerios, Abercrombie or Gap, Kanye or Jay-Z, Bimmer or Benz. Each has their pros, cons, devotees and detractors. And, just when you thought you were through with the decision making, LifeProof throws another one at you: when protecting your mobile device, do you go frē or nüüd?

frē — 360º protection
frē technology covers your device’s touchscreen with a built-in scratch protector. The cover is ultra flat and ultra clear, so it’s virtually invisible to the eye and to the touch. In fact, it’s so thin and clear, you barely notice it’s there. That way, when you’re taking pictures, watching movies, chatting or browsing the web, you never miss a pixel. If you drop your device into a cluttered purse or backpack, carry it in your pocket with keys and change or insist on the most comprehensive protection available, go frē.

nüüd — go ahead, touch it
nüüd screenless technology is just that — screenless. Using integrated gaskets, nüüd forms a waterproof seal around the edge of your touchscreen. Sealing to the touchscreen keeps the phone waterproof, without the need for a screen cover. So, you can touch your device’s actual screen, giving you perfect clarity and touch.  If you believe that touchscreens are meant to be touched, want a perfect tactile and visual experience, but still want the four-proof protection, go nüüd.

The frē breakdown:

The nüüd breakdown:

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